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OJ Simpson, prolific killer and lover of fine cutlery, has opinions on stuff – especially matters related to women’s rights!

Simpson, who famously stabbed Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman to death in the early 90s, is mightily disappointed in the U.S. Supreme Court for overturning Roe V. Wade.

Here’s OJ sharing his thoughts on the SCOTUS decision:

Whoops! Apologies. That’s OJ Simpson pretending to stab comedian Ruby Wax with a banana.

Here’s the clip:

Apologies. That was Nicole Brown Simpson calling 911 after OJ broke into her home.

THIS is OJ sharing his thoughts on Roe V. Wade:

Oh man, this is so embarrassing. Deepest apologies, dear reader. That was Robert Kardashian’s stunned expression after a jury found OJ Simpson ‘not guilty’ of murdering Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman (even though he was totally guilty).

Ah, finally! Here’s the clip:

Now you know: OJ Simpson is a champion of women’s rights… and a murderer.

As you can imagine, OJ’s followers had some thoughts of their own to share with ‘The Juice.’ We present them below as read by legendary WIBC newsman Stan Lehr.

Good stuff.

Hey, remember when ‘The Juice’ threatened to “cut” the owner and proprietor of an OJ Simpson parody account on Twitter?