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Commentators for corporate media outlets were stunned by President Joe Biden’s failure Monday to take responsibility for the calamity of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan.

Biden’s comments were surprisingly detached and devoid of emotion – an utterly abhorrent tone at a time when terrified American citizens and Afghans who helped the US over two decades of war in Afghanistan are desperately trying to flee the fallen nation.

CNN’s Jake Tapper said Biden’s speech was “full of finger-pointing and blame,” calling the situation in Afghanistan a “foreign policy and humanitarian disaster.”

ABC News’ Terry Moran said “[Biden] did not in any way accept responsibility for the catastrophe that’s unfolding,” and expressed disgust that the President had even “blamed the Afghan people” who had “failed to wait” for the US to evacuate them in “an orderly fashion.”


MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace was one of the few commentators who offered praise for Biden’s speech, stating without evidence or polling data to substantiate her claim that “95% of the American people will agree with everything” Biden said.

Meanwhile, CNN is reporting Tuesday that the Biden administration is “embroiled in a blame game” over why the US government didn’t act sooner to withdraw American citizens and Afghans, leading to a rushed and dangerous evacuation.”