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“The Simpsons” actor Harry Shearer, who has voiced multiple characters in the show over the years is speaking out against producers’ decision to stop white actors from portraying non-white characters.

The series, which made its name on pushing the limit of good taste – before “Family Guy” and “South Park” made “The Simpsons” look like “The Andy Griffith Show” by comparison – announced in June that it would no longer have “white actors voice non-white characters.”

The 32 seasons-in-the-making decision came amid a grand realization that this simple act of virtue signaling would allow producers to stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement without actually having to do anything truly meaningful in the real world.

Bravo, Simpsons’ soldiers of equality! Thank you for your courageous sacrifice!

Take heart. Not everyone at “The Simpsons” is a quivering mass of SJW Jell-O.

Harry Shearer, 76, who lent his voice to black character Dr. Julius Hibbert and still voices other roles on the animated FOX series is against producers’ decision, and he explained his position to Times Radio – a media outlet that no one has ever heard of before now.

“I have a very simple belief about acting. The job of the actor is to play someone who they are not,” said Shearer.

Editor’s Note: Wait a minute. You mean all this time these “actors” aren’t portraying themselves on the big screen? Tom Cruise isn’t really a Top Gun pilot? Cartoons ain’t for reals? What about Ashley Judd, still a raging sea hag?

Harry Shearer has also voiced the characters of Principal Skinner, Ned Flanders, and Waylon Smithers on the animated series, which remains “not racist” at this time, according to the “Society for the Liberal Betterment of America.”

Shearer’s comments come on the heels of Hank Azaria announcing he would no longer play the character Apu. Back in 2018, Azaria said he wants to see more Indian and South Asian writers on the popular sitcom to give Apu or a new character a “new direction.”

Azaria’s decision calls for a COTR Instant Replay:

Mike Henry, who previously voiced the character of Cleveland Brown for two decades on “Family Guy,” has also stepped down from his role.

“It’s been an honor to play Cleveland on Family Guy for 20 years,” Henry wrote on Twitter with a metaphorical gun to his head.

He continued: “I love this character, but persons of color should play characters of color. Therefore, I will be stepping down from the role.”

Thanks, white people of Beverly Hills. Now, what about all that money you earned while racistly playing those characters you’ve stepped away from? Oh, you’ll be keeping that? Okay then.

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