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The California Republican Party, along with national GOP groups, filed a Federal lawsuit to halt Gov. Gavin Newsom’s plan to send mail-in ballots to all Californians who are registered to vote.

The suit alleges that Newsom and Secretary of State Alex Padilla, both Democrats, have overstepped their authority and that sending out vote-by-mail ballots will lead to theft and fraud.

“The Governor does not have the authority under the Constitution to make up election laws,” Harmeet Dhillon, an attorney representing the state party, along with the Republican National Committee and National Republican Congressional Committee told WIBC’s Hammer and Nigel, adding that the potential for voter fraud would be widespread across the state under Newsom’s plan.

“Nobody is doing what Gavin Newsom is doing,” said Dhillon, “and when you have a state like California that has acknowledged that in [Los Angeles County] they have 1.5 million people who are not eligible to vote because they are dead, they’ve moved, or they’re duplicate registration, you have a huge opportunity for fraud,” she added. “In fact, we’ve already had fraud in various elections in California, including in the most recent election cycle.”

Earlier this month Governor Newsom ordered all counties to send voters mail-in ballots ahead of November’s general election, citing health concerns amid COVID-19.

“[Health concerns] is the excuse, but Democrats have been pushing this for years,” explained Dhillon. “And the fact that California has done a terrible job maintaining the purity of its voter rolls means that any unlawful vote that is cast dilutes the vote of every other citizen, and that’s unconstitutional.”

She continued: “The other problem for citizens who are entitled to vote is that approximately 1% of the ballots that are cast in a mail-in election get discarded in California because the signatures don’t match or some other irregularities. In a 20 million person election, that’s 200,000 votes that can get tossed out. That could be avoided if the state had two or three or – like Washington – five years to gear up, get the equipment, hire the staff and get themselves ready. There’s just no one they can do it in six months, it’s impossible.”

Dhillon explained that the media is falsely attempting to equate Vote-by-Mail with Absentee Ballots.

“We’re not against voting by mail; we’re against spamming millions of people who aren’t entitled to vote with ballots,” said Dhillon. “That’s the objection.”

She continued: “It is going to be an absolute disaster if we have an election where they’re not ready and for more than 30 days after the election, they can’t certify the vote. This is the most populous state in the country, this is no joke, and, as the litigation has shown, it has one of the worst maintained voter rolls in the country.”

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