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Doughnut party with Schnapps is in order, because we’ve earned our first scout merit construction badge of 2020. It’s a little orange construction cone with googly eyes and a cute little N-95 mask, complete with a smiley face etched on the front. This essential summer fashion pick is our reward for successfully negotiating the east side, eastbound I-70 closure (see below). Hurrah!!! 


We’re Just Getting Started

This next one is for the ages, as in wholesale disruption of our glorious west side. On Friday, May 22nd, all lanes and ramps of eastbound I-70 will close from Ronald Reagan Pkwy. to the south split, essentially closing the interstate from Plainfield, through the west side, and into downtown Indianapolis.

That’s around twelve miles. Count ’em.

During the closure, crews will patch up the concrete and reinforce the bridges. The road is scheduled to reopen on Sunday, June 28th (As always, project dates are not absolute, given the weather and other unforeseen circumstance. You’ll get first dibs on updates and changes at @WIBCTraffic).

Map me up:

West Side Closure, Eastbound I-70

As indicated above, the I-465 collector ramp will remain open, with eastbound traffic eventually getting pushed to either northbound or southbound I-465 (Exits 73A and 73B, respectively). The mainline – or the main part of eastbound I-70 – will be closed. 


From the airport to the East Side/Hancock Co.: Use the eastbound I-70 collector to hookup with northbound or southbound I-465. Loop all the way around to the east side, then exit onto eastbound I-70 (Exit 44A “Dayton”).

And Now The Westbound Lanes Say Hey!

About the time construction is wrapping up on the eastbound side, all westbound lanes and ramps will close from the south split to Ronald Reagan Pkwy. Work is scheduled from Friday, June 26th to Thursday, July 30th


The westbound collector – or connecting ramp to Indianapolis International Airport, Ronald Reagan Pkwy., and Ameriplex Pkwy. – will stay open. The mainline only will close. 


East Side/Hancock Co. to the airport: Loop all the way around on northbound or southbound I-465 to the westbound I-70 collector lanes. Take the collector and exit onto Col. H. Weir Cook Memorial Drive (airport). You can also take westbound I-70 (it’ll be open by now) to the north split, exit onto southbound I-65, then exit onto westbound I-465 and around to the airport collector. 

Hey, What About Westbound I-70 on the East Side?

Sure. Westbound I-70 from I-465 to the north split is still closed, and scheduled to reopen Sunday, May 24th: 

Westbound I-70 Closure

What the %$&*

So we have a whole lot of I-70 closure going around on both the east and west sides. To limit the confusion, here’s a timeline with the four major closures previously discussed:Mr. Timeline

The Best of the Rest

And now a look at some of the other major projects gracing our roads and interstates:

East Side

  • Westbound I-70 from I-465 to the north split will reopen May 24th.
  • Northbound Allisonville Rd. between Kessler Blvd. and E. 62nd St. expected to be done in late May.
  • Keystone Ave. resurfacing from E. 39th St. to E. 65th St. will be done early-September, mid-October.
  • Washington St. road work in Irvington should be done by July 8th.
  • 38th St. bridge between Arlington Ave. and Massachusetts Ave. will never be done, unless it’s done on June 30th, as scheduled.
  • 75th St. west of Sargent Rd. is expected to reopen Wednesday, April 29th.
  • 96th St. between Sargent Rd. and Cumberland Rd. is expected to reopen sometime in late June.

South Side

  • The Harding St. rehabilitation project will continue until late October. This includes both construction zones (I-465 to Raymond St. and Little Buck Creek to Bluff Rd.). One lane of traffic will be maintained in each direction at all times.
  • Stop 11 Rd. at Combs Rd. is closed until sometime in June for roundabout construction.

Beech Grove

  • Arlington Ave. at Churchman Bypass is expected to reopen by August 1st


  • The 79th St. bridge over Fall Creek should be done by August 1st. Expect delays until then.

Still working from home? Stuck in phase 1? Bless you. You’ve missed an uptick on wheelbarrows on the interstate, a horse went rogue and closed I-74, and a hawk is living on the corner of I-70 and Sam Jones (I was going to name him “Ramp Restrictions,” but it won’t fit on the birth certificate).

Yell with questions at @WIBCTraffic. We’ll get it straightened out.

Good luck. Welcome back to society.


Matt Bair is the new voice of Indianapolis traffic, and can be followed on Twitter @WIBCTraffic. Fans of Facebook can “like” WIBC Traffic for the latest traffic happenings. Tips? Call direct at (317) 684-8134 or the 93 WIBC Newsroom at (317) 637-6397.

Bird Nest Sam Jones

Photo Credit: INDOT – Hawk Nest at I-70 and Sam Jones