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Construction zones continue to permeate and I’m numb, kind of like drinking yourself sober. It’s a way of life now, it’s everywhere, it’s Indianapolis – Where the Streets Have No Lanes. I suggest we turn E. 38th St. into a gravel road instead of just closing it for road work. Why not? In addition, we’ll […]

It’s pandemonium time in downtown Indianapolis this week. Expect wandering caravans of Crimson Tide fans to drift in and out of crosswalks like a herd of elephants crossing the Namid Desert. Expect Georgia fans to jaywalk through intersections with their nubby little bulldog legs. It’s a joy – all these guests and national attention. Welcome! […]

The headline should read, “The Road to MY FAVORITE Mexican Restaurant in Indy is Closing”, otherwise we’re assuming I’ve tried every Mexican restaurant in the nap. Let’s also remember that more than one street leads to the delicious La Parada on the east side and their fajitas en fuego (not a real menu item). Maybe […]

Construction on the east side of downtown is unpleasant and will remain so. North Split construction combined with the Market St. project in front of City Market has eviscerated Delaware St. (a northbound one-way), clogging east-west arteries in turn.  

Moving to the south part of I-65/70, or the south split, things remain mostly unchanged except for one key difference. Traffic exiting onto northbound I-65/70 from eastbound I-70 (from the airport) or continuing on northbound I-65/70 from northbound I-65 (from Southport/Greenwood) will be pushed off at the Washington St. exit. This makes the Washington St. […]

As mentioned before, several ramps from downtown to the interstates are staying open. Most notable, is the nifty little Pine St. ramp (on-ramp from Michigan St. and New York St.) that sends drivers to eastbound I-70 and out to Hancock Co. Also, northbound I-65 will still be accessible from Illinois St., southbound I-65 is accessible […]

So do I. A point of confusion is what’s happening with the east/west interstates through the split, like southbound I-65 to eastbound I-70, and westbound I-70 to northbound I-65. Verdict? Those ramps will be OPEN throughout the 18-month construction phase, that according to INDOT. We’re good here, and thankfully so.

In the collector (the local ramp) today, right now, the Ohio St. exit ramp is open, but the Michigan St./New York St. ramp is closed. It’s like this: At the end of May/early June, depending on the weather and such, the ramps will flip flop, with Michigan St. reopening and Ohio St. closing. This is […]

On or around May 15th – a Saturday – I-65/70 will close in both directions from the north split to Washington St. I-65/70, for the uninitiated, is a north/south thoroughfare where both interstates are joined as one, providing lovely north/south thru-access to I-65 and I-70. It also has a handy-dandy southbound “collector” ramp – or […]

What in the what is going on in the north split? Is it closing, because everyone says it’s closing, and it IS, but all of it?! What’s to become of us?! What’s the significance of the construction bogging down two of the three legs going into the the north split, as in westbound I-70 after […]