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In the collector (the local ramp) today, right now, the Ohio St. exit ramp is open, but the Michigan St./New York St. ramp is closed.

It’s like this:Michigan Closed

At the end of May/early June, depending on the weather and such, the ramps will flip flop, with Michigan St. reopening and Ohio St. closing. This is what will be:

Ohio St Closed

So we lose a ramp, but get one back. It’s a push in that regards. However, what the stupid mapmaker didn’t show (I made the map) is everything in the southbound collector closes from Ohio St. on down, including the Fletcher Ave. ramp.

So, we’re losing BOTH the Ohio St. and Fletcher Ave. ramps when Michigan St. reopens. Perfect. There we go.

Alternatives? You can also exit southbound I-65 at the good ole’ 113 (Meridian St./Penn exit), or Exit 114 (West St.). Westbound I-70 riders may want to tour the sights and smells of the east side and bail out on Keystone Ave. Head south on Keystone – it turns into Rural – then take E. 10th St. into downtown. Magic!