The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is set to announce the Class of 2024 this Sunday on primetime TV. The inductees will be announced during an episode of “American Idol” by host Ryan Seacrest and judge Lionel Ritchie, a 2022 inductee. The 2024 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees are Ozzy Osbourne, Dave […]

America’s Amish community, known for its rejection of modern technology, has seen a remarkable growth, doubling in size since 2000 and poised to reach one million members by the end of this century. This expansion extends far beyond their traditional heartlands in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. New settlements are sprouting in states like Colorado, Nebraska, […]


https://www.foxnews.com/sports/nfl-star-russell-wilson-calls-wnba-players-get-paid-more-caitlin-clarks-rookie-salary-revealed Tony Katz in response to Pittsburgh QB Russell Wilson: What are you praying for? What exactly is Russell Wilson praying for? Go buy a WNBA team and pay her more. In addition:  I think the story here is to recognize that the WNBA doesn’t make money. You may want it to, you may hope […]

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NATIONWIDE — The FBI and United States Marshals Service sent out a release last Friday warning of scam calls using government phone numbers and government employee names. These individuals are claiming to be representatives of the Marshals Service, court officers, and other law enforcement officials. The scammers will use several tactics to seem credible including […]


INDIANAPOLIS — A15, the Pro-Palestine activist group says their protest in Indianapolis on Monday is still on after Iran’s attack on Israel Saturday. The group announce a form of protest last week called an “Economic Blockade” in which people would block city streets throughout the day, stopping people from reaching businesses with ties to Israel. […]


LAS VEGAS, NV.– O.J. Simpson is dead at the age of 76. His family made the announcement he passed away after a battle with cancer. He was acquitted of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson as well Ron Goldman in the 1990s. Simpson starred in the NFL for eleven seasons, playing for the […]

INDIANAPOLIS–Early voting for the May 7 primary election has begun. It started on April 9 and runs until noon Monday May 6. If you are already registered to vote and have a photo ID, you can vote early in person. If you are sick, injured, scheduled to work or unable to find transportation to the […]


Listen to Chuck Goodrich’s appearance on Tony Katz and the Morning News here: The race for Indiana’s 5th in Congress has been dramatic. In February 2023, Congresswoman Victoria Spartz announced that she would not seek re-election and not pursue a run for the Senate. – Republican Rep. Victoria Spartz says she will retire from politics […]

INDIANAPOLIS — IMPD announced Thursday it will not proceed with gunshot detection system technology. They did a comprehensive 9-week pilot program to test it and see what it offered to three different vendors on Indy’s near east side. In the end, IMPD Chief Chris Bailey says it is best for them to invest in more […]