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The headline should read, “The Road to MY FAVORITE Mexican Restaurant in Indy is Closing”, otherwise we’re assuming I’ve tried every Mexican restaurant in the nap. Let’s also remember that more than one street leads to the delicious La Parada on the east side and their fajitas en fuego (not a real menu item). Maybe the headline should read, “MY Road to MY FAVORITE Mexican Restaurant in Indy is Closing”. Again, misleading, because I don’t own New York St. If I did, I’d rename it “North Split Cluster *#&@ Fun House Street” and paint it orange. All the street signs would include a Mr. Yuck sticker, and this would be a terrific use of our tax dollars.

Bridge Building

Indy’s largest flat screen TV lies off of College Ave. and E. 10th St.

As part of the North Split revamp, the one that has I-65/70 closed from Washington St. to the North Split, New York St. will close from East St. to Pine St. starting Thursday, August 5th through Thursday, August 19th. New York St., as you know, is a vital eastbound one-way that directs traffic from downtown to the east side. This will further humble evening rush, because that’s just what we need right now.

New York St. UPDATE

Again, construction start and stop times always depend on the weather. The forecast is clear through Saturday, so let’s get it done and move on.


I’m confident in reporting that at the publication of this blog post, the North Split is still very much closed (aforementioned I-65/70 shutdown), and will be for another sixteen months, or until late 2022. In the meantime, traffic will continue to ignore I-465 and exit/enter through downtown using the Ohio St. – soon to be Michigan St. – collector exit, allowing for a level of congestion on the east end of downtown that’s nothing short of perilous (backing up at one-way intersections for semi convoys is the new norm).

I-65/70 Closed

  • Speaking of the Ohio St./Michigan St. ramps, we’re still waiting for the “flip flop”, or the closure of the Ohio St. ramp and the reopening of the Michigan St. ramp. The two are scheduled to happen simultaneously, and maybe sometime soon. I’ve heard August and read October. When it drops, we’ll let you know.
  • The Market St. closure, the one directly related to North Split construction, is scheduled to end Friday, August 6th. This is the full closure from East St. to Highland Ave., NOT the closure directly in front of City Market, or Market St. from Delaware St. to Alabama St. These are two separate projects, with one relating directly to the North Split construction, and the other being a city project to improve foot traffic and esthetics around City Market. The latter is expected to be completed late this year.

Need more? Here’s a check of upcoming overnight road closures, which run from 9pm to 5am.

  • Lewis St. from 10th St. to 16th St., from August 9th to the 16th.
  • Saint Clair St. at the North Split, from August 9th to the 13th.
  • Watch for overnight lane restrictions on Washington St. from August 9th to the 26th. Two lanes of traffic will be maintained in each direction.

No two adjacent streets may be closed at the same time, so dates are dependent on current bridge demolition work (and weather).

Loose Quarantine and the East St. Ramp

Through the final sixteen months of the north split closure, the south side ramp from southbound East St. to eastbound I-465 will remain closed. This closure is to limit traffic to I-465 during rush hour while the closure is in place, at least I think that’s what it is. I’m a little confused by this one. What do I know?

Coming This Fall, the End of Civilization

Sometime in the fall, and I’d be specific if applicable, southbound I-65 to eastbound I-70 through the north split will close for 45-days. More to come.

End of the World

Downtown is torn to thunder and I-70 in Hancock and Henry counties is a junk yard. Updates on both are incoming.

Please stay safe. Watch out for the workers in construction zones, and drive defensively by trusting no one on the road. This works, it really does.


Matt Bair is the new voice of Indianapolis traffic and can be followed on Twitter @WIBCTraffic. Fans of Facebook can “like” WIBC Traffic for the latest traffic happenings. Tips? Call direct at (317) 684-8134 or the 93 WIBC Newsroom at (317) 637-6397.