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I-65/70 Closure

On or around May 15th – a Saturday – I-65/70 will close in both directions from the north split to Washington St. I-65/70, for the uninitiated, is a north/south thoroughfare where both interstates are joined as one, providing lovely north/south thru-access to I-65 and I-70. It also has a handy-dandy southbound “collector” ramp – or local ramp – that services traffic in and out of downtown. Think Dan Ryan “local” (the I-65/70 collector in Indy) and “express” (the part of I-65/70 that’s closing) in Chicago, except on a much, much smaller scale.

Part of the collector will remain open, but no such luck on the thru traffic portion of I-65/70. It will be one-hundred percent CLOSED. Take a look:

Collector Open

Eighteen months is the sentence, putting us around late 2022 or early 2023 for reopening. That’s a long time, long enough to pay off a vehicle of even learn a foreign language. Constructive? Yes, but also frightening.

The next map indicates a switcheroo with the ramps that are available in the collector. Allow me to explain…