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Few doubt former Vice President and presumed Democrat Presidential Nominee Joe Biden is slipping. The only debate at this point is how much he has actually lost.

Since the onset of Coronavirus, Biden has been relegated to his home, unable to campaign. In an attempt to make up for the lack of media exposure, he has become a regular on the (mostly liberal) television and podcast circuit.

Unfortunately for Biden, the unscripted exchanges often showcase his failing memory. He will appear lost in interviews, struggling for words and to remember significant events, or even form coherent sentences.

This was the case on a recent appearance with Anderson Cooper. In the interview, Biden struggles to recall a prominent program in the Roosevelt era, and stutters and stammers as he attempts to put together a thought about it. Anderson and his other guest, Dr. Sonjay Gupta, looked on with worry.

The Chicks on the Right examine what has become a very troubling trend from the man who should be the face of the Democrat Party, and with a bit of luck, could be the leader of the Free World.

Photo Credit: Handout/Getty Images