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2020 presidential candidate and prolific finger pointer Bernie Sanders is taking heat from his fellow morons Democrats for a new campaign ad that prominently features misleading comments from former President Barack Obama.

The ad includes clips of Obama and Sanders accompanied by out-of-context quotes that make it appear as though the former president endorsed the Vermont Senator’s 2020 run.

MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin t0ok aim at the ad during an interview with a member of the senator’s campaign staff.

“You’ve taken the former president’s voice from different settings and edited that together, and you give the impression that President Obama is a Bernie guy,” Melvin said. “How is that not misleading?”

“I don’t think it’s misleading. They are President Obama’s words about Bernie Sanders,” Rabin-Havt began, but Melvin reiterated his stance that the argument was “disingenuous.”

“Is it disingenuous? They are his words about Bernie Sanders. How is that disingenuous?” the Sanders campaign spokesman replied.

Interesting defense. In other news…

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