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(Photo: Marion County Sheriff)

A 63-year-old Florida man who was booked on suspicion of DUI Saturday refused a breathalyzer, telling the arresting officer, “You didn’t pull me over, I pulled you over.”

Police say Juan Zamora, of Kissimmee, Florida, was driving on U.S. 441 around 8 p.m. when he flashed his headlights at a sheriff’s cruiser. He then asked the deputy for directions to an auto parts store.

In an arrest report obtained by the Ocala Star-Banner, the deputy stated that Zamora reeked of alcohol and was in possession of Cocaine. Zamora reportedly admitted to having “two shots of bourbon” and stated that he was “legally disabled” after struggling to complete field sobriety tests.

Zamora then allegedly refused a breath test, telling the deputy, “You didn’t pull me over, I pulled you over.”

The deputy reportedly found a one-third empty bottle of Canadian whiskey in Zamora’s car, along with the 15-year-old child.

In defense of Mr. Zamora’s rationale for refusing the breathalyzer test, it’s important to note that he was really, REALLY drunk at the time. 

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Plus, is it true that if you flash your high-beams at an oncoming car with their headlights off, they’ll chase you down and murder your entire family?