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Planning to attend the 2018 Indiana State Fair this year? Leave your firearms at home.

According to the general rules and guidelines of the Indiana State Fair guest services manual, “No person in possession of a deadly weapon shall be permitted onto or be permitted to remain on the Fairgrounds; any person properly licensed to carry a firearm must secure the firearm in a locked compartment of his/her vehicle and it shall not be visible to a passerby. Pocket knives with blades longer than 4 inches are also not allowed.”

So what happens if you bring a weapon to the fair and are caught? WIBC host Tony Katz talked to Guy Relford, the Gun Guy, on Friday morning to find out:

Guy Relford:

“It’s an administrative code, so you don’t go to jail. That said, they can confiscate your weapon – including pocket knives by the way – and they can toss you out.

I’ve talked to a couple people who have had weapons confiscated and they did get them back, but if they wind up in the police property room, it’s a very long and lengthy process.”

Guy also explained the political motivation for keeping firearms out of the State Fairgrounds. Click below to hear Tony’s full interview with Guy: