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NWS graphic on snow shift

Source: NWS Indianapolis / other

INDIANAPOLIS — The state could have seen some snow in some places today, but experts with the National Weather Service say that has changed as a system of rain and snow has shifted further south.

Still, even with the threat of snow and most of Indiana remaining dry today, Jason Puma with the National Weather Service says we will stay warmer than normal.

“More recently we’ve been under the influence of the southern jet stream. That has brought more warmer air from the gulf,” Puma said. “So, as we go through the rest of the week we will continue to see above-normal temperatures. Our normal high for this time of year is about 40 degrees.”

He says the threat of rain will return later in the week, likely Thursday into Friday.

That rain would be on top of all the rain that fell last month. Puma says nearly 5 inches of rain fell on average throughout the state in January, which paid big dividends in helping Indiana out of its drought-like conditions.

“We did get a good amount of rain in the last few weeks, which has allowed the drought to subside,” Puma said. “We are officially out of drought conditions. That happened a few days ago we are able to declare that.”

Nothing but 40s and up for the next couple weeks for central Indiana, says Puma.