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Source: Donnie Burgess / WIBC News

NOTE: All people named in this article are presumed innocent, and others mentioned are not currently involved in the ongoing investigation. Names provided for full context.

CARROLL COUNTY, Ind. — The defense team for suspect Richard Allen want all charges dismissed and name drop two other men considered potential suspects in the case.

In a motion filed Wednesday, attorneys Andrew Baldwin and Brad Rozzi make several claims of mismanagement by the prosecution. In the nine-page filing, Allen’s attorneys say two men, Patrick Westfall and Brad Holder, were interviewed by police within a week of Abigail Williams and Liberty German’s deaths.

However, the interviews are apparently gone as the defense team says the recordings of said interviews were “recorded over” as stated in a discovery filing dated January 31st, 2024. Baldwin and Rozzi claim they were offered no explanation from Carroll County Prosecutor Nick McLeland back in September of 2023 as to why the recordings were lost.

Furthermore, Allen’s team says they were ready to investigate the lost interviews, but they were removed from the case after Prosecutor McLeland and Special Judge Fran Gull’s off-the-record discussion in October of 2023.

Once the Indiana Supreme Court reinstated Baldwin & Rozzi, they learned of the “DVR recording error”, as cited earlier.

Also discovered by Allen’s team were prepared search warrant applications to AT&T regarding the mobile device data belonging to Brad Holder and Patrick Westfall.

Each warrant application states each man is “a known member of a religious sect, and elements of the Murder have potential religious significance. The information being requested is relevant to an ongoing criminal investigation.” The defense says this is related to the Odinism claims made last year in which Baldwin and Rozzi claimed Richard Allen did not kill the girls, but rather the girls were killed in a religious ritual.

Allen’s team also says Brad Holder contradicted himself. In his February 17th, 2017, police interview, Holder apparently told investigators that he had never met Abigail Williams, who was “purportedly dating his son.”

It should be noted, this is a statement including by Richard Allen’s legal team as information that was supposedly said during this interview. This is the interview that was apparently “recorded over”, meaning the audio and video of this apparent statement does not exist.

Moving on to August 30th of 2023, Brad Holder is once again interviewed by police and apparently told investigators at the 39:09 mark: “I barely even knew that girl. I met her once.”

All of this information, and much more contained in the public documents, stands as Baldwin and Rozzi’s reasoning as to why charges against Allen should be dismissed. They claim law enforcement were either incompetent or purposefully withholding evidence or manipulating the court process.

Baldwin and Rozzi have requested a day in court to present their evidence.

Special Judge Gull has refused to step down from the case, citing the Indiana Supreme Court’s decision to not remove her back on January 18th.

There’s an upcoming court date on February 12th in which the State was prepared to request a contempt of court order against Baldwin and Rozzi and ask for additional charges against Richard Allen.

The trial is supposed to begin October 15th.