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It seems one political climate leader has released a few emissions of his own…

The big UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai is underway. Even though Biden couldn’t fit it in his schedule (despite droning on about how important the climate crisis is,) the US leaders still managed to embarrass themselves on a world stage.

John Kerry, the United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, was on a panel discussing coal-fired power plants. In the midst of his lecture, Kerry breaks some wind of his own… 

You have to give credit to fellow panelist managing editor of CNN Abu Dhabi, Becky Anderson and executive director of International Energy Agency, Faith Birol. While Anderson did pop her head around after toot-gate, we commend the professionalism. 

Here at the Hammer and Nigel Show, we can never pass up an opportunity to discuss GREAT MOMENTS IN BROADCAST FART HISTORY! 

If we are talking the G.O.A.T in farting on live tv history, you know Eric Swalwell is on the list!

Let’s not give the politicians all the fun, who can forget Miss Wendy Williams who graced us with a two-in-one!