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Snapping Turtle Hoax


MONROE COUNTY, Ind.— There is no man-eating snap turtle in Monroe Lake.

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Fish and Wildlife says a viral Facebook post claiming that a 300-year-old, 9-foot snapping turtle killed a man at Monroe Lake is not true. The post has more than 16,000 shares even though it’s false.

“Luckily with these kinds of wildlife related stories, you can always directly ask us! Feel free to reach out about any tall tales you may hear regarding Indiana’s fish and wildlife,” said a post from the DNR on Facebook.

The Department showed a picture of a regular turtle with an angry face that has the caption, “The face you make when someone skips the fact check.”

“While we’re here – nope, we did not release rattlesnakes from helicopters,” the post concluded.