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Source: Cochran Firm Cleveland / Cochran Firm Cleveland

A 21-year-old man from Indianapolis named William Johnson was sentenced to over 8 years in prison for having a gun and planning to sell fentanyl.

The case started in September 2022 when police found a photo on Instagram. The photo had Johnson in it with many guns. They got suspicious and checked Johnson’s online activity. This led them to find out that Johnson was selling illegal drugs and guns on Instagram.

Investigators discovered evidence on Johnson’s Instagram stories showing that he tried to sell multiple guns through the platform. One video, posted on September 15, 2022, showed Johnson displaying a black and silver semiautomatic handgun, with a caption offering it for sale at $300. The video also showed an AR-style rifle and other handguns. Johnson openly stated that the rifle was worth $1000.

As investigators kept an eye on Johnson’s Instagram, they found more disturbing information. Not only was Johnson selling guns, but he also used the platform to sell marijuana and fentanyl. He disguised the fentanyl as fake oxycodone tablets, making it even more dangerous for people who didn’t know what they were buying.

Authorities left no stone unturned in bringing Johnson to justice. On September 20, 2022, police searched Johnson’s home. They found illegal items in his bedroom, including a handgun, pills marked “M30,” another gun, cash, fentanyl, marijuana, and para-fluorofentanyl. They also found a stolen handgun in the garage.

With four prior felony convictions, all relating to the unlawful possession of firearms, he was strictly prohibited from owning or handling firearms.