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BROWNSBURG, Ind. – A game shop in Brownsburg was robbed, and thieves took over 1,600 prized Magic: The Gathering playing cards. The cards are worth $15,000. The theft was caught on surveillance cameras, and the owners and community are shocked. According to Brownsburg Police, a thief broke into Valkyrie’s Vault game shop on Main Street […]

A 21-year-old man from Indianapolis named William Johnson was sentenced to over 8 years in prison for having a gun and planning to sell fentanyl. The case started in September 2022 when police found a photo on Instagram. The photo had Johnson in it with many guns. They got suspicious and checked Johnson’s online activity. […]

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — On May 19, 2023, detectives from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (IMPD) arrested two people for armed robbery: an 18-year-old named Jayana Anderson and a 21-year-old named Darelle McCullough. It all started when detectives got a call about a possible robbery on E. Washington Street. They quickly went to the scene and […]

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — There was a weapons problem at Indianapolis Metropolitan High School Monday. An alert was raised at the school when a student reported a picture circulating on social media. The picture showed two teenagers holding guns while posing in the school bathroom. This was very concerning, so the principal, Christina Lear, quickly notified […]

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Atarraya Inc., a Mexico-based tech company specializing in shrimp farming equipment, has introduced a sustainable seafood solution in Indianapolis. Their Shrimpbox operations utilize an artificial intelligence-powered farm-to-table model, providing locally grown shrimp to the community. The project, which aims to revolutionize the shrimp industry, showcases Atarraya’s innovative technology at their advanced shrimp […]

LEBANON, Ind. — Lebanon authorities are investigating a number of car break-ins that happened over the weekend. The Lebanon Police Department said that these incidents happened on Saturday morning. Cameras in residential areas have shown three people who are thought to be involved in the crimes. Thieves also broke into a car that belonged to […]

INDIANAPOLIS – It happened on the east side of Indianapolis. The police came to help a young child who was shot, but unfortunately the child did not survive. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is now investigating what happened. The event happened Friday night in a residential area on N. Kealing Ave, near E. 16th St. […]

MUNCIE, Ind. — Morgan Bell, a 28-year-old woman from Muncie, has been found guilty of murder and obstruction of justice in connection with the death of her ex-boyfriend, Robert Eugene Scott III. She was acquitted of the charge of conspiracy to commit murder, but the conviction carries a Level 1 felony charge, which could result […]

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — Pacers Sports & Entertainment (PSE) has announced that it will move its developmental league team, the Fort Wayne Mad Ants, to Noblesville, Indiana. Noblesville officials have also promised to build a new arena for basketball, which will cost $36.5 million. Noblesville Mayor Chris Jensen said he’s proud and hopeful about the city’s […]

WASHINGTON — Indiana Senator Todd Young delivered a strong rebuke to Donald Trump on Thursday, expressing his unwillingness to support the former president in his potential 2024 run for the GOP presidential nomination. Speaking to reporters in Washington D.C., Young made it clear that he would not back his fellow Republican in the upcoming campaign. […]