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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Atarraya Inc., a Mexico-based tech company specializing in shrimp farming equipment, has introduced a sustainable seafood solution in Indianapolis. Their Shrimpbox operations utilize an artificial intelligence-powered farm-to-table model, providing locally grown shrimp to the community.

The project, which aims to revolutionize the shrimp industry, showcases Atarraya’s innovative technology at their advanced shrimp farm on Belmont Ave. The company expanded to Indianapolis in 2022, offering a sustainable option for businesses interested in growing their own shrimp and serving customers seeking locally sourced seafood.

Residents of Indianapolis can now enjoy the convenience of Agua Blanca Seafood, Atarraya’s local brand, by placing orders through their dedicated website. The platform allows customers to schedule weekly deliveries or pick up their orders directly from the farm. Shrimp can be purchased in quantities ranging from 1 to 10 pounds.

Atarraya’s shrimp farms utilize biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and automation, enabling them to be established anywhere and ensuring a consistent supply of shrimp. Their advanced feeding system optimizes efficiency by delivering the precise amount of food at the appropriate times, reducing waste.

The Indianapolis farm currently operates eight shrimp boxes, with plans to expand to 20 in the near future. By cultivating whiteleg shrimp and maintaining a regular harvesting schedule, Atarraya guarantees a steady supply of fresh and high-quality seafood.

The shrimp industry faces environmental challenges, with the majority of shrimp consumed in the United States being imported. Atarraya’s innovative approach addresses these concerns by providing a sustainable alternative to conventional shrimp production methods, which can harm water ecosystems and marine life. Additionally, their technology eliminates the need for antibiotics and other potentially harmful substances.

Indianapolis was selected as the location for Atarraya’s project due to its suitability for urban farming and the city’s vision to become a leader in food and agricultural technology.

Atarraya’s venture has received support from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, with an investment of up to $1 million through tax credits and training grants. This partnership aims to create new job opportunities and stimulate economic growth. Atarraya plans to invest up to $4.8 million in the local operation, reflecting the potential of their innovative shrimp farming approach.

The company strives to make locally grown Indiana shrimp accessible to all shrimp enthusiasts in the area. Their long-term vision includes empowering other farmers to adopt their technology, promoting sustainable aquaculture practices. Aspiring farmers can establish their own shrimp farms using Atarraya’s technology, with an estimated cost of $800,000 to $1 million for a farm with approximately 20 shrimp boxes.

Atarraya’s commitment to sustainability and local production is transforming the way seafood is sourced. By offering fresh, high-quality shrimp while prioritizing environmental responsibility, Atarraya paves the way for a more transparent and sustainable food system.