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INDIANAPOLIS – It happened on the east side of Indianapolis. The police came to help a young child who was shot, but unfortunately the child did not survive. The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is now investigating what happened.

The event happened Friday night in a residential area on N. Kealing Ave, near E. 16th St. and N. Sherman Dr. When IMPD officers arrived, they saw a male toddler who was injured from a gunshot wound.

The officers quickly realized how serious the situation was and took the wounded toddler to Riley Hospital right away. But even though the medical staff tried their best, the little child unfortunately died soon after they arrived.

IMPD released a statement around 9:20 p.m. about how the incident was first thought to be a case of accidental shooting, but investigators are still looking into it to determine any other potential causes.

IMPD found two adults at the location who are believed to be the parents of the child who died. It is not clear whether they were there when the tragic event happened and caused the death of their young child.

As the investigation continues, IMPD Major Mike Leepper spoke at the scene, saying that there isn’t much information available yet. He confirmed that both parents are helping with the investigation and are going to talk to the detectives soon.

IMPD says this seems to be a one-time thing, and tells everyone they don’t need to worry. Maj. Leepper also said the shooting probably happened in the parents’ house on Kealing Avenue.