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Snow on the Circle

STATEWIDE — January is coming to a chilly end, and February will pick up right where it left off.

“The rest of the week, we’ll get dry and generally, a little bit colder weather than we’ve seen in recent days,” says Meteorologist Jason Puma with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis. A small winter weather system is moving across Indiana today, dropping a light coating of snow which could cause some ice to form on bridges and overpasses.

As we move into Tuesday and Wednesday, your high temperature will hang out in the 20s with lows dropping down into the teens Tuesday night. By the time February shows up Wednesday moving into Thursday, there’s a slight warm up to nearly 40 degrees.

Fortunately, you’ll only have to put up with chilly temps throughout most of this week.

“After today’s precipitation, we don’t have any precipitation in the forecast through next Sunday,” says Puma.

Even after Monday’s winter weather advisory ends, you should keep an eye out for slick spots and ice on the roads, especially in the early morning hours when it might be tougher to spot ice on a dark road.

“And that means, you know, you might be going along a road and everybody’s doing fine and regular speed limit speeds,” Puma continues, “but then you might come up to a curve or a bridge or an overpass when suddenly there’s a little bit of ice on the surface. That could certainly cause your car to skid off in an unexpected manner.”

Puma says it’s best to slow down, take your time, and drive defensively.