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“Oh, I wish I has an Oscar Mayer wiener…”

The first Wienermobile was created by Oscar Mayer’s nephew, Carl G. Mayer, in 1936. Over the years, The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile has evolved from Carl Mayer’s original 1936 vehicle to the vehicles seen on the road today. Although that first Wienermobile was scrapped for metal in the 1940s to aid the US Army during World War II. 

In 2004, Oscar Mayer announced a contest whereby customers could win the right to use the Wienermobile for a day. Within a month, the contest had generated over 15,000 entries.

People dressed as Kraft Heinz Co. Ketchup and Yellow Mustard bottles stand for a photograph with attendees in front of an Oscar Meyer Wienermobile

Photographer: David Williams/Bloomberg via Getty Images

In June 2017, the company introduced several new hot-dog-themed vehicles, including the WienerCycle, WienerRover, and WienerDrone.

The Wienermobile is a 27 foot long hotdog that drives across the country sharing miles of smiles—and they would relish the chance to meat up. Ketchup Kaitlyn, an Oscar Mayer Hotdogger, will be around Indy in one of the six, famous Wienermobiles that operate throughout the United States.

Where Can You See The Wienermobile?

Thursday, Aug 25 Friday, Aug 26 Saturday, Aug 27 Sunday, Aug 28

Oscar Mayer Fest

Kroger on Olio Rd


11700 Olio Rd

Fishers, IN 46037



Oscar Mayer Fest

Kroger on Thompson Rd


5350 E Thompson Rd

Indianapolis, IN 46237

Touch A Truck

City of Greenwood


367 S Washington St

Greenwood, IN 46143

Oscar Mayer Fest

Kroger on 71st St


5810 E 71st St

Indianapolis, IN 46220

You can expect a picture with the Wienermobile, and receive a free Wiener Whistle. 

An inside look at the Oscar Mayer Wienermoblie

(Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images)

Only college seniors who are about to graduate are eligible to be Hotdoggers

Hotdogger’s assignment is for only one year. Recruiting for each year’s new Hotdogger cadre involves current Hotdoggers and Oscar Mayer recruiters visiting college campuses across the country. In 2018, 7,000 people applied to be Hotdoggers. As each Wienermobile carries two Hotdoggers, only 12 Hotdoggers are selected each year.