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FT WAYNE, Ind.–Remember that play money you used to get as a kid? Ft. Wayne Police say at least two scammers are using phony bills to pay for items they’re buying on Facebook Marketplace.

The scammers use the profiles “YK Slowazz Longlivemybrotha” and “Steph Curry” and usually want to buy things like game consoles or shoes, items that sometimes go for several hundred dollars. The contact the seller and arrange to meet.

When they meet up, they give the seller the bills, folded carefully to hide the “fake money” or “play money” printed on the front of the bill.

The seller believes they’ve successfully unloaded their item and got what they asked for it. Meanwhile, the crooks go to the pawn shop and get real cash for the items.

Police say the scammers so far, have mostly targeted people from out of town. So, everyone in the area should be aware. So far, the denomination they’ve passed off has been the $100 bill. The bills have no serial numbers and are marked “copy” or “play”.