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INDIANAPOLIS–Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb said the state’s new abortion law represents “progress toward valuing the sanctity of life.”

After an Indiana Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Wednesday, Holcomb said he’s not concerned by statements from pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly & Co. and multinational corporation Cummins suggesting those two Indiana companies will send jobs and investment to other states because of the new law.

“I have yet to hear, and maybe we never will, of some people just flying over the State of Indiana because of this issue. I don’t want to act like it may never happen. It might happen. There are several other issues that factor into where someone invests billions of dollars to grow. Companies tell us that the things that are most important to them are because of site-selection superiority, it’s because of the low cost of doing business, it’s because of access to talent and we have that access to talent. We had it yesterday, we have it today and we’ll have it tomorrow,” said Holcomb to reporters.

Holcomb signed a law that only allows abortions for rape and incest victims up to 10 weeks into their pregnancy.

“This is part of the progress, and part of the progression of this very topic. And you can pick any week, any day, and argue on that day. But this was, in my opinion, progress,” said Holcomb.

Democrats say Holcomb is ignoring polling data from several sources, such as a 2019 Ball State survey for example, that shows nearly half of Hoosiers support access to abortion services in all or most cases.