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GOSHEN, Ind.–One of Indiana’s RV plants is closing in September. Employees at Keystone RV Plant 41 in Goshen got a letter this week stating that the final day of operations will be Sept. 23.

The company has offered no public explanation for the closing. But, a worker interviewed by TV station WNDU, said orders for RVs have been declining with rising fuel prices.

“Everything was going really well and it just seemed like all of the sudden we dropped in units. It was still enough to keep us going and everything. But, then all of the sudden it just come to a halt,” said worker Robert Davis.

LINK: WNDU article

The layoffs will include everyone at the plant, with the company saying in the letter that it was a difficult decision.

When asked why the plant was closing, Davis explained, “The high fuel prices and the dealers don’t want to buy the units that we’re producing. So, I guess a lot them is just sitting. So, with the fuel prices the way that they are, we no longer have orders.”

Keystone is not the only company facing trouble. Winnebago shareholders have also gotten indications that the industry, which could be described as “red hot” during the pandemic and in the years before, is slowing down because of inflation and fuel prices.

Executives in the RV industry had warned that $5 gas prices would likely mean trouble, with people not being able to afford to drive the large vehicles that use a lot of gas.