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Tony Kinnett is a former science, technology, engineering, and mathematics teacher who held down administrative duties at Indianapolis Public Schools.

Kinnett got fed up with a lack of transparency about the teaching of Critical Race Theory in IPS schools and began posting materials related to CRT on Twitter.

In one video, Kinnett outlined how he believes the teachings and background of critical race theory parallel what IPS is teaching in classrooms. He also claimed that the district had given teachers and principals a guideline to avoid answering questions about CRT.

“When we tell you critical race theory is not taught in our schools we are lying. Keep looking,” Kinnett said in the video.

Kinnett was subsequently fired from his job per the recommendation of the IPS superintendent.

Kinnett is also the co-founder and owner of the Chalkboard Review website, which is described as a site of education commentary that features a diverse range of voices on education.

Chalkboard Review’s Twitter account was temporarily suspended Monday along with several of its members.

Kinnett returned to the Hammer and Nigel Show Monday to explain what happened and who is behind the suspensions. Click below to listen.