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President Biden and his administration continues to show lack of compassion and leadership as the Taliban continues to takeover Afghanistan. Defense Department spokesman John Kirby was asked how many Americans are still in Afghanistan to which he responded with “I don’t know.” The most recent example was an interview the president did with ABC News, George Stephanopoulos.

Stephanopoulos asked Biden about the viral videos of hundreds of people packed in planes attempting to flee the country, some falling out of the aircraft to their death. Biden snapped that that was four of five days ago insinuating that’s irrelevant to the urgency of the situation.

Tony Katz says Biden rushed the whole process despite being warned by officials because he was focused on his own legacy.

“He wanted to secure his legacy. And that’s why the withdraw was more important than getting information that Kabul would fall, that Afghanistan would fall to the Taliban. Cables that were sent to a dozen people from the embassy trying to communicate with the president that this was not going to go well fell on deaf ears because he was legacy shopping. He wanted to be the guy that withdrew from Afghanistan and that mattered more than American lives.”  

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With a president who has yet to show any actual leadership in this situation, where does leave us? Katz says President Kamala Harris will be sooner than you think.

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