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President Joe Biden’s failure in Afghanistan is “a catastrophe that isn’t going to end very soon,” a foreign intelligence expert told the Hammer and Nigel Show Tuesday.

Lt. Steve Rogers, a former US Navy Officer in the Office of Naval Intelligence who worked directly with the FBI’s National Joint Terrorism Task Force in Washington, DC, said Biden should have adhered to the counsel of intelligence experts.

“Joe Biden went against the advice of all his military advisors. He should have stuck to the plan that President Trump negotiated with the Taliban, which was a conditional plan,” Rogers said.

Under that agreement, the Taliban had to meet very specific conditions before a withdrawal of US troops would commence.

“That didn’t happen,” said Rogers. “I’ve worked military intelligence my whole life, and you are trained to make sure that your civilians, citizens, and your embassy is completely empty and those people are home safe before you withdraw troops.”

Rogers said Biden’s decision will embolden terrorists and lead to a re-emergence of Al Queda and ISIS in Afghanistan.

“You’re going to see training bases for terrorists back in Afghanistan” Rogers warned. “And unfortunately, it isn’t going to end there. It’s going to end here [in the US].”

Rogers said a porous southern border increases the opportunity for terrorists to launch attacks on US soil.

“And these terrorists have their eyes on crossing that southern border into America to – in their words – ‘teach us a lesson.'”

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