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This is one of those rare moments where we don’t know if we should make jokes or fear for our lives. Prepare yourself.

A viral video shows a bioethicist suggest we re-engineer humans to become allergic to meat in order to control climate change.

A video of a panel at the 2016 World Science Festival has resurfaced causing outrage from thousands on social media. S. Matthew Liao is speaking about reducing humanity’s footprint on the planet.

Liao says a major impact each of us can make is by limiting our meat. He then brings up the idea of altering one’s body to be allergic to all meat in order to help with our over consumption. An example is given of how a tick bite can cause alpha-gal allergy (red meat allergy.)

“There’s this thing called the lone star tick where if it bites you, you will become allergic to meat…That’s something we can do through human engineering. We can kind of possibly address really big world problems through human engineering.”


Tony Katz says this is a bigger conversation than just ‘the woke is after our steak.’

“This is about people deciding that other people are imperfect and let us do things to make them better…The fact that one human being could think they have the ability to, the right to, or they are somehow ordained to change another.”

In the video Liao did not suggest we use a tick bite to alter our bodies, but rather said it was possible. Katz says he’s actually glad this was brought to light as it’s something we need to be aware of.

“There’s no way to look at this other than to say this is the ugliest concept. I’m glad it was brought up so we can note that it is ugly. But you will find people who approve of this and in that you will find the totalitarian.”