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INDIANAPOLIS — Not all the votes are in, but Republican Victoria Spartz is declaring victory in the Fifth Congressional District.

“We know we’re still counting the votes, but we feel that we’re on a good track to win.”

However, Democrat Christina Hale is saying not so fast.

Hale’s campaign released this statement:

“We’re very encouraged by the enthusiasm and turnout we’ve seen since voting started last month, and we remain confident about our path to victory,” said Joann Saridakis, Hoosiers for Hale campaign manager. “There are still tens of thousands of mail-in votes in the Fifth District that have not yet been counted, particularly in Marion and Hamilton Counties, where we have done a significant amount of voter outreach over these past few months. This race is not over and we will continue to monitor vote totals before making any formal announcements. The circumstances of this election are unprecedented with a record number of people voting early and by absentee ballot, and we want to make sure that all Hoosiers have their voices heard in this process.”

Regardless of who takes the seat, Spartz says there’s still a lot that needs to get done.

“We have to start working on policies. Congress has to deliver results,” she said. “I think we can we can work together to bring prosperity, good education, good jobs, good health care to all Hoosiers and all people in out country.”