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President Joe Biden might be losing his mental faculties, but he can still traumatize an innocent child with the best of them.

Fact: Scaring children and inducing nightmares requires a highly specialized skill set that is only developed through years of practice and professional training.

Fact: Any average ‘Joe’ can hide under a child’s bed and grab an ankle at the opportune time, but to produce genuine horror in the heart of the adolescent – quality terror that requires multiple decades of unsuccessful therapy – demands extraordinary discipline and focus in order to be successful. Joe Biden, President of the United States, is such a man.

Behold now, a few highlights from the President’s portfolio of excellence in a sample from the upcoming book, “Joe Biden is Creepy AF, V4: Adolescent Horror and Medical Challenges Edition.”

#1: “The Poltergeist”

Joe Biden and "Kane" from "Poltergeist appear side by side

#2: “The Hospice Bound”

Joe Biden Yells at a Crowd of voters.

#3 “The Pacifier Thief”

Pacifier Thief

#4 “The Abduction”

Joe Biden Smothers Kid

#5 “The Grandma’s Not With Us Anymore”

Medically Assisted Suicide

#6 “The Snuggler”

The Snuggler

#7 “The Pearl Necklace”

The Candy Giver

And keep your eyes peeled for the highly-anticipated “Joe Biden is Creepy AF, V5: Discount Celebrity Impressions,” due to arrive in surviving retail outlets soon!

Here’s a preview:

“Dueling Oswalds” 

Lee Harvey Oswald and Joe Biden in Dueling Oswalds

“The Kinison”

Joe Biden Versus Sam Kinison

“The Fried Naner & Peanut Butter Tribute”

Joe Biden Elvis Presley

*Please Note: Some of these photos have been altered for the purpose of upsetting Democrats. Joe Biden never put a gun in a woman’s mouth, but he DID put a pacifier in HIS mouth.