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Claim: Sen. Kamala Harris is both a ‘moderate’ and ‘pro-law enforcement.’

Verdict: We at the ‘Tony Katz Institute for Truth in Reporting’ rate this claim as 100% bullcrap.

How Our Rating Was Determined: a three-second Google search on Sen. Kamala Harris’ support for defunding the police.

“What Evidence Do You Have, Mr. Conservative Pants?”

See below.

“I didn’t watch that video because I don’t watch right-wing propaganda. And anyway, Joe Biden is VERY pro-law enforcement!”

In an interview last month, the former Vice President was asked if he would agree with taking funds from the police and redirecting them to other government agencies. Biden responded, “Yes, absolutely!”

“That’s a lie! Where’s your proof that he said that? You don’t have any proof, Trumptard!”

“Oh yeah? Well, Trump talks about grabbing women in the pu**y!”

“Well, you’re just a racist!”

“Well, at least he doesn’t want to separate undocumented children from their parents!”


Yeah, whatever.

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