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“Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich,” a four-hour Netflix series on the deceased convicted sex offender, is a disturbing look at a man who managed to evade authorities for years thanks in no small part to his relationships with powerful figures such as Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, and Donald Trump.

Epstein should have been in jail long before he ‘officially’ (cough) committed suicide in a New York jail last August.

From Esquire:

In 2007, Epstein was indicted on sexual abuse charges that could have garnered him a life sentence. But instead, then-Miami US attorney Alexander Acosta cut Epstein a deal that found the financier of pleading guilty to soliciting prostitution from a minor in exchange for serving just 13 months in Palm Beach County jail. He was allowed to leave the jail for 12 hours a day almost every day of the week under a work-release program that was supposed to exclude sex offenders.

Production on “Filthy Rich” commenced prior to Epstein’s eventual arrest on sex trafficking charges in July 2019. Joe Berlinger, an executive producer on the project, told the Guardian that he began work on the project in spring 2018 after he received a copy of novelist James Patterson’s 2016 true crime book on the now-deceased financier.

The book “infuriated me”, Berlinger said, noting that “people were afraid to tell this story” in 2018.

The series also touches upon conspiracy theories on the cause of Epstein’s death.

From The Guardian:

…The medical examiner ruled a suicide by hanging, though an outside expert hired by Epstein’s brother raised unsubstantiated doubts, citing an unusual neck fracture. “I think it’s up for debate, and for people to look at the evidence both ways and make their own decisions,” said Bryant.

“There was nothing that we turned up that would definitively support the idea that he was murdered,” said Berlinger, “but we certainly felt [the theories] should be touched upon.” Personally, Berlinger said: “I do believe it was suicide.”

The Chicks on the Right and Producer Rob broke down the details of the Epstein documentary and what, if any, ‘new’ revelations are to be found in the four-hour series. Click below to listen!

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