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The story of Sean Reed is a tragedy. From all indications, he was a young man who was given a number of opportunities in his brief 21 years to do something meaningful with his life. Unfortunately, Reed chose to do otherwise.

On Wednesday evening, Reed led IMPD officers on a high-speed chase, which ended at 62nd and Michigan Road. He got out of the car and fled, and officers continued their pursuit.

Reed was initially tased, and according to a video, which the suspect was streaming on Facebook Live,  the camera fell to the ground only moments before multiple gunshots are heard.

Here are a few of the remarks that Reed captured himself saying in the now-infamous video:

  • “But like, man I can’t, I just can’t go back to jail, ya’ll.
  • “Hey sis, I’m sorry, I love you though. You know I had to.”
  • I’m not going to jail easy, baby.”
  • “Get away? I know I’m not getting away.”
  • “I love you, mama. I’m so sorry I put you through this.”
  •  “Imma start shooting. They ain’t gonna catch me.”

At the time of his death, Reed had three outstanding warrants for his arrest: one in Marion County for felony intimidation and two out of the Tarrant County-Ft. Worth area in Texas, one of which involved a gun charge, as reported by Abdul-Hakim Shabazz at

Sean Reed was armed with the very same weapon that is seen in photos posted to the suspect’s Facebook profile. IMPD also identified the weapon in another Facebook live video featuring Reed firing indiscriminately out of a car window.

We now know that the bullets that took Reed’s life were fired from the gun of a black IMDP officer – a fact that Jamie Reed, Sean Reed’s father, considers irrelevant.

“Doesn’t change nothing. He’s part of them. Regardless of his skin color, when you put that uniform on, you’re one of them,” Reed told IMPD Chief Randal Taylor who is also black.

Jamie Reed’s comments to Chief Taylor hit at the core of the issue. This isn’t about justice or uncovering facts, this is about systemic racism in the justice system and holding law enforcement officers accountable for Sean Reed’s actions.

Reed’s defenders have no desire for justice, they want retribution.

WIBC’s Abdul-Hakim Shabazz discussed the issue with Rob Kendall and Jason Hammer Friday afternoon. Click below to listen.