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PTSD affects 1% of the military population and 8% of the rest of the population.  Retired US Army Soldier Stephen Meyers – Veteran of the wars in Iraq & Afghanistan is in the 1%. “Things would be normal, and then something would trigger me and I’d be in another state of mind…in a rage…fearful and vulnerable”  He didn’t understand what was happening.

So…Veteran Stephen Meyers is walking across the country in what he calls “The PTSD Walk“.  What does he want to accomplish?  “My primary focus is awareness.  Some people don’t think it’s real“.  He suffered for years before he got treatment.  He’s got friends that are reluctant to get care as well.  “I want to bring it to light.  People can get better“.

Stephen began his walk on February 15th starting from the Midwest, heading east before walking to the west coast.  He’ll arrive in Plainfield at the Oasis Diner on March 4th at 7:30am.  Next…on to Victory Field, arriving around 11:30am and then on to Monument Circle at noon.  IT WOULD BE AWESOME to have a show of support at each of those stops.   His goal is to make it to San Diego California before Thanksgiving.

Go to to donate.  The first $10,000 raised – goes to Disabled American Veterans.  Stephen says, “Bottom line…I just want to help people“.

UPDATE:  Stephen will arrive in Plainfield on March 3rd for a “Meet & Greet