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INDIANAPOLIS — You’ll be paying an average of $2.84 a gallon to fill up your gas tank this Labor Day weekend says, which is the highest price since 2014, but still far less expensive than a decade ago.

Patrick DeHaan with says the price of oil has gone up since last year.

“One year ago, oil prices were about $49 a barrel and that’s because OPEC had flooded the market and that led to low [gas&#93 prices.  OPEC ruined that party by cutting [oil&#93 production in 2017,” according to DeHaan. 

Even though you are paying 30-cents more a gallon this year than in 2017, DeHaan says the gas average is far less expensive than Labor Day weekend a decade ago.

“[Gas prices are&#93 still a far cry from earlier this decade when prices were well over $3.00 a gallon,” says DeHaan, who says the average prices in Sept. 2008 reached over $4.00 a gallon.


Photo: Getty Images / BG004 / Bauer-Griffin