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On Wednesday, MSNBC’s Katy Tur declared during a segment in which a panel or guests was discussing a proposal from Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., against what they described as the “ultra-rich,” that America has “almost no middle class.”  

Conservative commentator John Podhoretz countered Tur on her assertion.

“Middle class is an income level,” Podhoretz said. “The median income in this country has gone up $6,000 in the last two years from $47-53,000 a year.”

Tur countered like a typical liberal with, “So everyone’s doing fine?”

“I’m not saying everyone’s doing fine, but you just said that there’s no middle class anymore. That’s a crazy thing to say, Katy,” Podhoretz said.

What Tur and other leftists fail to recognize is that personal spending habits have no bearing on whether or not an individuals is considered ‘middle class.’

WIBC host Tony Katz:

“In their mind, that you have no money at the end of the week is the tragedy, and this is the difference between the left and people like you and me. We believe that personal responsibility has to be taken into account. What they look at is, ‘that person has no money at the end of the week, therefore the rent’s too high; the food’s too much; the insurance is too much.’ We look at it and say, ‘Well, what’s their budget?”

“…Wasn’t it Joe Biden who said, ‘Show me a man’s budget and I’ll show you what he values.’”

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