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(Bruce Gikas/Getty Images)

It’s ba-ack…

Hillary Clinton pulled her beloved southern accent out of mothballs to accept a ‘unity’ award in the great state of Alabama last weekend. 

The failed Democrat presidential candidate addressed the Martin and Coretta King Unity Breakfast in Selma, and her speech was delivered in a southern draw as contrived and fake as her marriage to Bill.

Have a look-see for yourself.

Can’t get enough of Hillary Clinton’s “Voice to Choke Kittens by” perhaps? Enjoy the full evolution of Hillary Clinton’s accent.

Side note, HIllary’s accent actually has its own manservant and bedroom at the Clinton’s house. “Ole’ Southern,” as they call her is sandwiched between Bill’s mistress from New York and Bill’s mistress from Arkansas (sweet gal, that one. Been with them for years). Yessir, they all leave peacefully together in the “Wing of Whores” at Clinton Estates. 

Now have a ‘listen-hear’ of the Chicks on the Right by clicking the link below.