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COLUMBUS, Ind. — One of the state’s largest employers is cutting thousands of jobs.

Cummins, which is based in Columbus, says they are planning to slash 2,000jobs from its global workforce, which right now is around 62,000 workers.

The engine maker is chalking up the move to quickly deteriorating demand — quicker than the company had realized and they need to cut costs. It’s not clear how many, if any, of the layoffs will be here in Indiana.

But, Cummins does say the layoffs involve salaried positions and not union jobs. The cuts will happen in early 2020.

The full statement from Cummins:

“As we communicated to our employees last week, demand has deteriorated even faster than expected, and we need to adjust to reduce costs.

We have already taken several actions in response to declining revenues. This includes reduced discretionary spending across the company, several global efforts to optimize our operations, voluntary headcount reductions, and we continue to align production with demand at our manufacturing facilities.

Unfortunately, we must do more to reduce costs because the downturn is happening at a sharper pace than we experienced in the previous two cycles.

We are going to reduce our global workforce by approximately 2,000, which we anticipate completing by Q1 2020. We understand this is incredibly difficult for those directly impacted and for all employees across the company.”