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truck driving in the southwest

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A staggering 850 murders are believed to be linked to a solitary breed of predators: long-haul truckers.

Their victims are almost all sex-trafficked women and the murders have occurred all over the country.

Former FBI special agent Frank Figliuzzi decided he had to know more about this phenomenon. He spent a year riding over 2,000 miles in a big-rig to get to know the trucker subculture from the inside. During this time he spent days with sex-trafficked victims and interviewed the top crime analysts at the FBI and state levels.

Frank was the Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the FBI, where he served 25 years as a special agent and directed all espionage investigations across the government. In his current role as a respected national security analyst, he is a regular contributor to NBC News and MSNBC and a sought-after speaker on violence prevention and the threats, both external and internal, facing the United States. He joins Kendall & Casey to discuss his new book, LONG HAUL: Hunting the Highway Serial Killer, in which he highlights notorious cases and aims to understand the victims and what drives long-haul truckers to kill them.

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