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Source: Cappi Thompson / Getty

INDIANAPOLIS — The Biden administration’s moves to reclassify marijuana may change Indiana’s marijuana laws. State Senator Rodney Pol (D-District 4) suggests that recent actions by Biden’s team could pave the way for medical marijuana legalization in the state.

Pol says veterans would benefit from medicinal marijuana, especially in cases where they have severe PTSD. He says many veterans have urged him to move on allowing medical marijuana use in the state.

“I keep telling them, I am fighting for them, I am fighting to get this done here,” Pol told Indy Politics. “They are not talking to me about other issues. That is the issue they are talking to me about.”

During the last legislative session, Pol authored SB 99 with co-sponsor Fady Qaddoura (D-District 30), which would have permitted cannabis use by persons 21 or older or persons with a serious medical condition as determined by a healthcare physician. It also establishes a cannabis excise tax.

The administration is shifting marijuana’s classification from Schedule 1 to Schedule 3, a less restrictive category. While this does not mean Hoosiers can light up for fun legally, it signals a potential shift toward accepting marijuana for medical use.

“The Biden administration should have approached it from that (legalizing standpoint), but for us, this at least moves the needle for us for a much more modern approach to it.”