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Silver handcuffs on a crackled gray background.

Source: (Photo by Jiri Hera/Getty.)

TERRE HAUTE — A Terre Haute man has been charged with felony Intimidation and a misdemeanor of Harassment following a year long investigation by the Indiana State Police.

According to a Probable Cause for Arrest Warrant back on January 1st of 2023 Trooper Rondell Shelton arrested a female for operating while intoxicated. Instead of impounding the car Shelton would call the woman’s husband on his department cell phone, instructing him to come and pick the vehicle up.

Later that same evening, Trooper Shelton received multiple voicemails from a restricted number on his cell phone. The voicemails included multiple threatening messages toward Shelton including expletives, mentions of the KKK, sexual threats, and use of racial slurs.

Following a subpoena for Charter Communications in March, police discovered that the caller was Bradley Thompson, the husband of the arrested female. A review of documents provided to police in July showed that Thompson called Trooper Shelton a total of 28 times between January 2nd and 4th of 2023.

Police interviewed Thompson in November where he admitted to making the phone calls, though he believed he had called him fewer times than was shown. According to the warrant Thompson claims he was “drunk and being stupid” when calling the Trooper. In the interview Thompson also admitted he brought up the KKK because Trooper Shelton was black.

Police later interviewed Thompson’s wife, Susan. She claimed that she knew of one time that her husband had called the Trooper, but was unaware of the contents of his voicemail as he left the room to make the call. The warrant says that when police played the voicemails for her, she “just began laughing, and saying it was funny.”

A jury trial for Thompson has been set for April 11th.