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The Indianapolis Fraternal Order of Police #86 has decided not to endorse either mayoral candidate for the upcoming election. This is the first time in decades the FOP has not chosen a mayoral candidate.

The Indy FOP #86 is a non-bipartisan group that represents the voices of law enforcement in the Indy Metro Region, that is over 3,000 officers and families.

Rick Snyder, President of the FOP Lodge 86, told the Hammer and Nigel Show that they had a firm, but fair way of accessing each candidate. They spoke with both GOP candidate Jefferson Shreve and current Democratic Mayor Joe Hogsett, but neither earned the stamp of approval from the officers.

The group believes that no endorsement can say more than endorsing one candidate.

When asked why they did not choose Mayor Hogsett, who they have supported the last two terms, Snyder says a lot has changed since the downtown riots in the summer of 2020.

“I can tell you one thing, our members have made it clear they have not forgotten the riots of 2020. They have not forgotten the riots report which was not only false… but our officers were forced to defend their lives and then forced to face persecution through the guise of criminal prosecution and those officers were made criminals for simply doing their job.”

Snyder said that while Shreve is a great businessman, they wanted to hear more in-depth ideas and strategies from the candidate that would support the officers.

“We heard a lot of talking points, but not a lot of depth to back it up, such as the public safety position. Many of the positions were just not convincing our officers, especially on this issue of the retention crisis; how we’re going to retain the officers we have with better pay, better equipment, better work life balance….He seemed more specifically interested in managing the issue rather than some kind of transformational leadership in that office.”

The FOP say they are looking for an elected leader that will be bold and step forward in real policies and substantial change.

Their message for the candidates;

“Do better. Political posturing has to come to an end, it’s run it’s course. And we need a leader to get into the game. People are hurting, people are suffering, and people are dying. It’s time to change course.”