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A police officer's badge

Source: Photo by Stockbyte Collection/Thinkstock.

GOODHUE, Minn. — How would you feel if your hometown did not have any police officers? Well, the residents of one city in Minnesota may soon be able to tell you.

Officers in Goodhue, Minnesota had been asking for higher pay. Finally, Police Chief Josh Smith resigned; his last day at the office will be August 23rd.

After learning of his impending exit, the department’s six remaining employees decided to follow his lead. In order to fill the staffing gaps, residents may have to rely on the Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office.

The Police Chief told the City Council that surrounding communities were paying their officers much more competitively. Apparently, those serving full-time in Goodhue were only getting about $22/hour.

Unfortunately, the small city is not the only one experiencing staffing woes, especially in Minnesota. Leaders say they do want to rebuild the police force in time.