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Democratic California Governor Gavin Newsom recently did an interview with former White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki.

In the interview they talk quite a bit about Fox News. Governor Newsom mentioned Tucker Carlson and other conservative news networks and how they divide the United States. Because it could never be the democratic party’s fault that the country is divided.

“One thing I heard from everybody, including the caucus today, is they’re so upset about being on the defensive. They’re so upset about the message. And on the other side, the anger industry, the entertainment wing, particularly of the Republican Party, the surround sound on Fox,” Newsom told Psaki. “One American news and Newsmax and what they’re doing to divide this country, you know where illusion rules, not facts.”

Psaki then asked Newsom whether he ever “occasionally” tunes into watch the messaging from Republicans on Fox News.

“Not occasionally. Every night,” Newsom said.

“Do you think Democrats should still be appearing on Fox or should they not be appearing,” Psaki says in a follow up.

“It contributes to the mental health crisis in the state. So on the basis of one’s own personal conditions, I would not recommend it. My staff has quite literally tried to have interventions with me about it. They say I’m too obsessed with it, but I need to understand it,” Newsom added. The governor, however, appeared on Fox News himself last month — sitting for an interview with Sean Hannity.

One would think that he watches Fox news to understand what Republicans think, but that is not the case.

Psaki asks the question, “Do you want to know what the other side thinks?”

Newsome responded saying, “I don’t want to know what they think I want to see the patterns that emerge.”

This is the issue. Governor Newsom thinks it would be better for the country if Democrats did not go on Fox News and talk about real issues. Instead, everyone should go on MSNBC and answer easy questions.

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