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The child's hand touches the fence, the wicker fence of the animal shelter,

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INDIANAPOLIS — A shelter in Indianapolis is asking you to help them find homes for pets, because if something doesn’t change, some dogs will have to be euthanized to make space.

Indianapolis Animal Care Services (IACS) is officially “beyond capacity,” yet the shelter is still getting requests to take about 45 more animals every day.  Now, there is no space remaining for these pets.

Right now, the shelter is offering free adoptions.  So, you can take home a furry friend that is vaccinated, micro-chipped, and spayed/neutered at no cost.

And, if aren’t 100% ready to adopt, you could foster through the Cuddle Before You Commit program.  This program essentially offers a 14-day “trial adoption” with a shelter dog.

Walk-up adoptions run Fridays through Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

And, if adopting is not in the cards for you at this time, you can still help alleviate the shelter’s burdens.  Keep reading for a list of ways in which you can help.

Long Beach Animal Shelter is overcapacity with animals needing foster and forever homes.

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Other Ways to Assist IACS:

1. Foster shelter pets on a temporary basis to get them out of the shelter.

2. Do not surrender an animal unless it is your only option.  Surrender appointments have been paused for six weeks.

3. If you find a lost pet, first try to find its owner by checking for a micro-chip, posting on social media, or touring your neighborhood.

4. Tell others about this on social media!  IACS Facebook page found here.  IACS Twitter page found here.

5. Visit the “Empty the Shelters” event on May 15th.

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