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2022 NFL Draft - Rounds 2-3

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If you think you’re feeling burn out from NFL Draft talk and coverage, you aren’t alone.  You’re as sick of hearing it as we are talking about it but thankfully we’ve almost reached the finish line together!

The daily grind of talking about the Colts and the four quarterbacks that could be, may be available when they are on the clock with the fourth pick has been like beating a dead horse for the better part of four months.  That horse is now just paste at this point and our shoes are ruined.  There’s only so many different ways to spin the draft over that stretch of time but by God, Thursday is just hours away from our long national nightmare!

Whoever the Colts take on Thursday night, whether it’s who you want or someone you don’t, there will still be a collective sigh of relief throughout the city from fans, media, and even your 15th-ranked mid-market morning radio show that we will finally have something concrete to talk about.  We can talk about the new quarterback that can hopefully at some point get the Colts back to relevancy and someone the fan base can put their hopes on.

So hang in there!  We’ve almost reached the finish line!  You’re doing great, you can do this! Kevin and I are so relieved the draft is almost here we’re doing the mayo in coffee thing just for the hell of it (and secretly to just annoy and disturb Jake).

So join us, won’t you?  Let’s reach this finish line on Thursday night together and then shotgun a few PBR’s when our long national nightmare is finally over and Roger Goodell strolls to the podium and says “With the fourth pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select….”

The next words out of his mouth will be sweet relief from this draft hellscape.

-Marc Dykton


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