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A lot of gimmicky products have come and gone through the decades. We’ve all made fun of “the clapper”, “chia pets”, and others but they all remain classics. The Club is no exception. In fact, the cheesy late 80s/90s commercials are looking a little more legit after it saved one woman’s car.

A woman in Los Angeles tried to carjack in a grocery store parking lot; however, she didn’t know the power of THE CLUB. After trying to steal the victim’s purse, the 27-year-old hoped in the car and reversed.

It was clear right away that the woman had no control of the car as she kept going forward and backwards, running into other vehicles. The steering wheel had the club locked in, not allowing the unwelcomed driver to turn. Two men and a woman who were witnessing the event was able to tackle the thief after she gave up and got out of the car.

Two people were injured and treated on site. The woman was arrested.

So what have we learned here? Some things don’t ever go out of style…now where’s our acid wash jeans?!